Silver Creek in Idaho
About Follow us on facebook was designed and established in 2004 for the purpose of providing non-bias factual information concerning Silver Creek in Idaho to the Nature Conservancy of Idaho, landowners, consultants, involved agencies and the general public. It was believed that not enough factual information was made available to these parties in a timely manner and a web presence was needed to gather and distribute this information as it was made available. The web presence has evolved into a useful and necessary tool for individuals, agencies, non profits and landowners for viewing this information to make informed decisions concerning Silver Creek. With the continued cooperation of the Nature Conservancy, Ecosystem Sciences Foundation, landowners and involved agencies such and Idaho Fish and Game we are able to bring to the public this information and will continue to do so in a timely manner. The Nature Conservancy of Idaho continues to use their web presence for information to the public as does Ecosystem Sciences Foundation, but is currently the web site for the vast majority of information that is currently available to the public. We have strived hard to gather this information and are very grateful to those that have provided this information. We will continue to work closely with the Nature Conservancy. Ecosystem Sciences Foundation, involved agencies and landowners to bring you this information in a timely manner. Thank you for you support and help. Staff